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An innovative spirit that guides and the power of technology that enables, Waterman Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been a prominent exporter and manufacturer of water pumps. When it comes to performance, innovation and quality, Waterman has constantly set benchmarks for its competitors. Accredited with ISO 9001-2008 by Germany- TUV NORD, we manufacture in excess of 3000 variants of water pumps that include but are not limited to centrifugal pumps, vertical as well as horizontal open-well submersible motors, submersible pumps, industrial pumps, etc. every product of ours has been engineered to perfection by expert hands. Through its expertise and experience spanning more than four decades, Waterman is committed to become an innovator and the standard for excellence and quality.

The success story of Waterman Industries began in 1973 when the company was established in Mumbai, Maharashtra and since then, we have never looked back. Every individual who is employed by the company works with the organization with utmost dedication to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. We have an employee force of more than 500 which is spread across the globe and working steadfastly to fulfil the requirements of our customers in the Irrigation, Agriculture, Industrial, Rural and domestic markets. Waterman’s unwavering determination to be the best has resulted in its presence in many countries and is counted among the top brands in the world today.

Because of its constant endeavour to implement the latest and the most advanced technologies, Waterman has received star rating from the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power, and Government of India. We have more than 200 Pump models that have received the prestigious rating and are striving to get all our pumps accredited by the BEE in the near future. We believe that simply innovating is not sufficient and implementing the innovations is the need of the hour. Our research and development department has taken up this task of innovating and chalking out the complete path of implementing the new and creative solutions that they design. The path of innovative thought process is set upon an extensive study of the market and we use the most practised research methodologies to understand the market.

Every employee of the company is a catalyst in the success story and this is because they have a sense of belonging towards the organisation and these shows in their commitment to work and quality. Waterman has adopted various quality control techniques like Kaizen, Kanban and 5S to ensure zero wastage and 100% efficiency. The supply chain for raw material and various components is managed by adopting two-bin system. The workplace is designed by keeping in mind various concepts of ergonomics in mind and this ensures that operators can work under minimum supervision by quickly gaining expertise in their work. Waterman is a team of around 500 people and each and every person knows the importance of working as a team. Waterman is built on the four pillars of commitment, hard work, integrity and perseverance.



Our mission at Waterman Pumpsets is to provide high quality and reliable products. We are committed towards providing products that last long and are highly efficient. We aim to provide our customers with the best quality services and solutions for their water pumping and water supplying requirements. Our aim is catering to the domestic, rural, agricultural, industrial water supply needs throughout the world to enable our customers to make full and intelligent use of resources.

We understand how precious water is and so we work with our customers to achieve a sustainable growth that has little impact on the environment. Our products are all about high performance, low energy consumption and low environmental impact. We constantly strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and to innovate in order to provide our customers with services that are unmatched and are available at the most affordable rates.

Since its inception in 1973 the company has seen steady growth and it is our goal to have a global presence in all the potential markets. This is possible only though constant innovation and by following the most efficient business practices. By providing the clients with value added solutions the company aims to build a long term relationship that is mutually beneficial.

Waterman’s mission is to develop and follow highest standards in safety and health not only to our clients but also for our workforce. We believe that a happy workforce delivers with full efficiency and is a catalyst in a company’s progress and so we show our care for our employees by paying them wages that are higher than the industry standards. In order to achieve this we install world class facilities in all out manufacturing plants thus, leaving no room for error. For fulfilment of our goals we have acquired quality control certifications from various agencies like BEE, ISI and TUV NORD.



Our vision is to become the leader in the industry when it comes to fluid management solutions. We aspire to be the preferred choice for supplying water handling pumps and related services to our customers. At the same time we also aim to create a healthy working environment for our workforce and thus, become a preferred choice for them as well.

Mr. Bharat Patel, the man behind Waterman Pumpsets, established the company with the soul aim of supplying best quality hydraulic solutions related to water supply and drainage. In the forty years following the company’s inception, it has constantly strived to be the best in the industry by following various techniques of quality control like Kan-Ban, Five S system of management and Kaizen.

Despite being a privately owned company, Waterman Pumpsets believes in making all the dealings and transactions transparent. This helps us achieve our vision of being fair to all the stakeholders. We believe that trust is a very important component of a healthy business relationship and so we are committed towards developing mutual trust with our customers and our employees. Trust fosters only when each and every member works together with full cooperation and so we aim at nurturing team work in all our endeavours.

The company understands that a clean and healthy environment should be the prerogative of any industry thus it envisions sustainable growth that does not hamper the rights of our future generations of having clean and healthy natural resources that are readily available. Sustainable growth is achievable only by following stringent quality standards not just in our products but at every stage of the product development. Hence our vision is to incorporate quality into everything.

Waterman Pumpsets envisions itself as the leading supplier of water management solutions not just domestically but across the globe.

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